‘Spargelzeit’ – GACC To Host White Asparagus Gala Dinner in San Francisco

By CaliforniaGermans.com on Email

Spring, the season for a precious vegetable: White Asparagus Are you craving white asparagus? While you might be able to find the ‘white gold’ as it is often referred to at different times of the year, the real season for this ‘royal vegetable’ is spring, and Germany is getting ready …

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White Asparagus Season in Germany

By Francine McKenna on Email

Apple and Grape harvests symbolize Autumn in Germany, and Spargelzeit, the two month white asparagus season, is an eagerly anticipated sign of spring. Depending on the weather, the season for asparagus begins some time in April and lasts until St. John the Baptist’s feast day June 24, and for those weeks the …

Francine McKenna