The Origin on May Day and Why The US Chooses To Celebrate It In September

By Darlene Fuchs on Email

Labor Day, or sometimes referred to as May Day or May First, is celebrated on the 1st of May in over 80 counties, including Germany, but we’ve often wondered why the US chooses not to use this worldwide date? May Day originated in North America as a rebellious spirit, spurred …

Darlene Fuchs

May Day in Germany, Walpurgisnacht and Maibaum

By Francine McKenna on Email

Long before it became an International Workers Day, Tag der Arbeit or a ‘Socialist Bank Holiday’, May 1st, May Day had roots with the Beltane pagan festival, was a folk tradition, a Celtic Festival of Fire, and for the Romans a time to worship Life, Fertility and New Beginnings. The …

Francine McKenna