Fasching, Fastnacht, Carnival – Helau!

By CaliforniaGermans.com on Email

Are you ready for the last days of Fasching? Yes, the Carnival or ‘närrische Zeit’ of the year as some name it is coming to an end. The last week of Fasching, the actual ‘Fastnachtswoche’,  is starting this today with the Weiberfastnacht culminating in Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) and  Faschings-Dienstag (also called Veilchendienstag) before Ash Wednesday calls an end to …

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Anyone Who is Not a Fool at Karneval is Foolish for the Rest of the Year

By Darlene Fuchs on Email

Germans call the pre-Lenten Carnival season “die närrische Saison” (the foolish season) or “die fünfte Jahreszeit” (the fifth season.)  Except for Munich’s Oktoberfest, it is the one time of the year when many people of Germanic backgrounds, normally serious, loosen up and go a little wild. Fastnacht or Karneval is …

Darlene Fuchs