‘Berlin 1945’ Book Offers Look at the Aftermath of WWII In Rare Photo Collection

By Eva Schweitzer on Email

You’d think you know everything about postwar Berlin, but you are wrong. Berlin in the years after 1945 is seen as a city divided among the four Allies—America, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union—but it was the Soviet Army only that conquered Berlin in April and May 1945 and …

Eva Schweitzer

“Nick, The Journey of a Lifetime”

By Christine Schimpf on Email

Did you ever wonder how many of the immigrants who found success in America made it? What drove them to cross the Atlantic Ocean to an unknown land and to a language they could not speak? Is there a story of immigration in your own family? The story of Nick …

Christine Schimpf
Christine Schimpf graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts. She has published speeches, poems, magazine articles and theatrical student study guides. She is married to her husband for more than twenty years and lives and in rural Wisconsin where she attributes her source of inspiration.

Cosmic Catastrophes

By Darlene Fuchs on Email

World sunsets, cosmic disasters, asteroid strikes, the Earth’s magnetic field collapses, solar storms destroy power grids … What dangers threaten us from outer space? How likely are asteroids or Kometeneinstürze? Can you predict this?  Are massive solar flares predicted, paralyzing our high-tech world? What threatens your neighborhood, a supernova explosion? …

Darlene Fuchs