Who We Are

Who are we? We could explain in detail how we are fresh, different, hip, sometimes controversial and other times funny (yes, Germans can be funny), pushing boundaries and making brownies, but you can find all that by spending a few minutes on the site.

Instead, you may be wondering what we are not. No? Well humor us for a moment because what we are not has a lot to do with what we are.


We are not your Oma & Opa’s stale & dated club filled with old ladies wanting to pinch your cheeks (no judgment if thats what you like)

We are not going to force you to listen to oompah music (unless thats your ‘thing’)

We are not going to expect you to wear Lederhosen or Dirndl (not that we could see because that would just be creepy)

We are not a membership-based organization (although we do accept ‘tips’ if you want to help us buy a beer)

Based in Chicago

The ‘Windy City’ is home to one of the largest and most active German-American communities, and while our main office may not be based in Germany, this thing called the internet allows us gain access to people and resources that are. We also have contributors from throughout the U.S. that offer a regional take on the German-American culture.

Our goal is to expose Germany’s current, and very much alive, culture to the German-American community with the hope that we can collectively bring new life to America’s largest ethnic population.

Meet the Founder


I have been involved in the German-American community since I was in diapers and have seen both the good and the bad in the community and organizations.

I went from running the cake table at small functions, which apparently gives old ladies the right to pinch my cheeks, to being in embarrassing “skits” and eventually graduating to the beer and food tents. If you’ve grown up in the community you probably already know the routine.

Like many in my generation, I began to see the German-American community as lame and out of touch. I’ve gone through the grueling process of trying to bring change to organizations that have been around 50-plus years, but quickly learned that change from within is harder than it sounds.

But you see, I’m not much of a quitter… I saw a side of Germany that is missing here in the States, and so I took the “we can’t do that” and “that’s not how we’re used to doing things”, and ventured off to create this site.

LGBT Germany

LGBT Germany dives deep into Germany’s gay scene and culture, honoring the contributions the country has made to the LGBT community around the world and in the U.S.

Launched in 2015, LGBT Germany is the first site to be a part of our German Pulse Network.

LGBTGermany.com / twitter / facebook / tumblr

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Icons created by Sam Martin, Anushay Qureshi, Parkjisun, Killian Mallory and Effach from Noun Project
Chicago Skyline” by Jeff Turner is licensed under CC BY 2.0