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DISCOUNT: Get Your Hands on ‘HEIMAT abroad’ the New German-American Magazine

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

If you were a subscriber to German World Magazine, you may have noticed a few weeks ago that a new magazine found its way into your mailbox. Its content felt familiar, yet its name — HEIMAT abroad — was quite foreign… literally.

Here’s what happened:

The new quarterly magazine was launched in cooperation with German World Magazine founder Petra Schurmann, and features special bilingual articles for German and English readers. This is ideal for people who want to refresh their German language skills, stay up to date on the German-speaking community in the US, and German Americans who are interested in German culture in America. Each edition also features specific information for Expats as well as lifestyle tips, recipes, travel reports, interesting interviews, and much more, including special coverage from German Pulse!

After reading our way through the first issue under the new name, we are confident the editorial team has what it takes to carry on the mission and we have a special offer for anyone wanting to try HEIMAT abroad for themselves.

HEIMAT abroad discount for German Pulse Email Subscribers

Wait, a discount?

A 1-year subscription (4 issues) regularly costs $12.95 in the USA and Canada, but our email subscribers can get their hands on a year of HEIMAT abroad for only $9.95!

Our subscribers don’t get bombarded with spammy messages or pointless greetings, so no need to worry about signing up for an inbox full of emails from us. Instead, we offer the occasional informative newsletter of what’s happening at German Pulse and throw in some freebies and discounts like this reduced price on HEIMAT abroad as a way of saying thanks.

So how do you get our “can’t miss” emails and this exclusive discount? Just follow this sign-up link and we will send you your coupon code for a 1-year subscription to HEIMAT abroad right away. It’s that simple!

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