Germany and Berlin both see considerable gains as prime work destinations

Germany, as a Work Destination, Rises to 2nd Place Behind the US

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Germany may still be dealing with the effects of its open border policy, but while the number of asylum seekers has decreased considerably, a new wave of immigrants are setting their sights on the country as Germany moves up on the list of desirable work destinations across the world.

In the just-published Decoding Global Talent 2018, 366,000 people in 197 countries weighed in with their work goals for the survey led by The Boston Consulting Group, The Network, and StepStone. The question at the top of the list? Where do people want to work?

In the previous study conducted back in 2014, Germany sat pretty high already in fourth place, but after Brexit shook up the European landscape, Germany saw its workplace desirability jump up two places, finishing right behind the United States.

Chart - Top Work Destinations in the World

According to The Boston Consulting Group, a lot of this increased appeal comes from Germany’s continued efforts to present itself as a welcoming country for all. The very thing that some would argue as being the demise of Germany is, in fact, making its appeal stronger.

A booming economy in Germany is also seen as a persuading factor for international workers.

While Germany as a whole has shown considerable growth, the capital city of Berlin has also been benefiting from a boost in popularity. Since placing sixth in 2014’s report, Berlin jumped up to third place in just two years, only being bested by London (1) and New York (2).

Berlin’s growing reputation as a startup city has helped boost Germany’s reputation, and with many of the country’s surrounding cities also becoming prime destinations for workers, its second place position on the list is growing harder and harder to beat as time goes on

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Sources: Decoding Global Talent 2018

Photo by Stefan Widua on Unsplash

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