German Police Punk Drivers

German Police Punk Drivers With Fake Accident, Shocked by Results

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

German police in the town of Oberhavel, in the state of Brandenburg, took a break from fighting crime last week to tend to a faked roadside accident to test driver reactions as they passed by. The results of the test were released on Wednesday and to say police were disappointed would be an understatement.

Drivers making their way past the setup were exposed to a rolled over car on the side of the road with two women actresses covered in fake blood stuck inside. Police expected some cars to drive on by without stopping to access the situation, but they did not anticipate the alarming number that failed to stop. It was reported that only one in ten drivers managed to stop for help.

Some motorists who stopped even tried to wave down other cars, but even those attempts went ignored by most. Those who did show compassion by doing what they could to help were left to start their rescue efforts before police finally stepped in to inform them that they were being punked.

And those who never stopped? The seven cameras placed on the scene caught it all, along with German police hiding in the bushes, and those cars were eventually stopped by police positioned further up the road.

Going into the test, Oberhavel police expected that at least 50-percent of drivers would do the right thing and stop, but after the shocking results, it became clear that they have more work to do towards educating the public on road safety laws.

Under German law, people who do not offer assistance to those in need, as in this case if it were a real accident, face fines and up to one year in prison. Those who failed to stop in this stunt were questioned on why they chose to ignore the situation, but it was not made clear if any fines or tickets were actually handed out by the German police.

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Sources: Nonstop News

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