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How One Creative Baker From Germany Perfected the American Pie

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

There’s nothing more American than the apple pie, and while savory cakes far out rule the pie in Germany, the country may just be home to one of the most artistic piemakers in the world.

Karin Pfeiff-Boschek, who lives with her American-born husband outside of Frankfurt, has gained worldwide recognition for her stunning pieces of pie work which she regularly posts on Instagram.

The detail Pfeiff-Boschek puts into each of her pies is stunning to say the least — both unbaked and baked — and has even won over Martha Stewart, who called her pie decorating “an art form”.

Pfeiff-Boschek, of course, pays attention to the blend of flavors that live inside the pie, but most of her focus is on the crust. “I treat the dough as a sculptor treats the marble,” she explained in an interview with The Washington Post. While she always liked the tastes of the pies her husband would introduce her to, “at some point, I thought the top crust would offer a good canvas for artistic creation.”

The time it takes for her to craft one of her pie creations can take several hours to ‘sculpt’, and while you may think that it all ends with her digging a fork into the finished product, Pfeiff-Boschek actually gives away most of her pies to friends, family, and charities.

To read more about her creative process and how a baker from Germany perfected something so American, we recommend checking out the detailed story published by The Washington Post.

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Sources: Instagram, The Washington Post

Photo: Karin Pfeiff-Boschek

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