Cuckoo Clock Reimagined by Guido Zimmermann

German Cuckoo Clock Gets A Modern Makeover

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Not much has changed in the look of German cuckoo clocks over the years, and perhaps that helps maintain its status as an icon, but for Guido Zimmermann, a Frankfurt-based artist, it was time to make a change to reflect the modern architecture of today.

While the classic cuckoo clock almost always features a traditional German home from years ago, Zimmermann decided to update the housing to reflect modern urban dwellings in the form of concrete apartment blocks.

The look is a bit brutal, but anyone who has visited the more populous cities across Europe, including Germany, will recognize this look right away.

Cuckoo Clock - Guido Zimmermann - Frankfurt Red Edition

Why choose this style of living for the modern cuckoo clock? Zimmerman explains that “the classic cuckoo clock stands for the prosperity of the middle class and counts as a kind of luxury for the staid home, the updated version as a panel construction shows today’s urban and social life in apartment blocks.”

These “Cuckoo Blocks” aren’t just pure imagination, they happen to be depictions of real apartment blocks designed by famous European designers, including Erno Goldfinger’s Glenkerry House and Marcel Breuer’s Flaine hotel — both Brutalist architects.

Cuckoo Clock - Guido Zimmermann - Hotel La Flaine

While these clocks are artistic enough to hang in art museums, Zimmerman is making a limited amount available for purchase. Pricing information is not available on the artist’s website — — but interested buyers can email Zimmermann directly at [email protected] for pricing and availability.

Cuckoo Clock - Guido Zimmermann - Berlin
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