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Karl Lagerfeld Ready to Return His German Citizenship, Blames Merkel

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is quite furious over the political state of his home country Germany, so much so that in an interview on Thursday with France’s Le Point, he went so far as threatening to give up his German citizenship.

Why? Lagerfeld’s anger is aimed at German Chancellor Angela Merkel and how her migrant policy led to the rise of the far-right AfD political party which he calls a group of neo-nazis.

“Did she really need to say that it was necessary to welcome a million migrants,” Lagerfeld questioned in his interview. “She wanted to make herself look good. It’s the pastor’s daughter side of her who can’t stand to accept the evil Germany did to others after 1933.”

“she brought it into existence by alienating 2 million voters”
In Lagerfeld’s eyes, it is Merkel’s poorly executed methods to stop the return of evil that ultimately provided the perfect atmosphere for
it to thrive.

“The AfD was non-existent, but with just one sentence she brought it into existence by alienating 2 million voters and sending 100 of these neo-Nazis to Parliament,” Lagerfeld explained.

If Germany continues down this path, Lagerfeld stated that he would hand over his German citizenship, saying he does “not want to be part of this neo-Nazi club.”

Lagerfeld currently lives in France, working as head creative director of Chanel, but made it clear he wouldn’t be interested in trading in his German citizenship to become French. “I don’t like nations, I’m cosmopolitan.”

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Sources: Le Point

Photo: LeWeb [Flickr]

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