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Skip the Skip: 5 German Ads You’ll Want to Watch (#3)

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

We’ve searched the web to find the best commercials coming out of Germany. Why? Who doesn’t love taking a look into the marketing adventures of a foreign land. Here’s your chance to see 5 German ads that probably have real Germans waiting for the ‘Skip’ to appear.


True Fruits: Safer Snaxxx

Sexual innuendos in TV ads never get old, and when your product centers around bananas, it would be a crime not to cross that line. “You do it in the office, in the car, in the elevator or on the tennis court: enjoy biting into a banana. But the lustful bite sometimes awakens completely different thoughts. We have an idea how you could safely wrap such situations in the future.” Enough said. 😉



Lotto24: Fan

We’ve all had the temptation at one point in our lives to stick a finger into a fan. No? Well if you do, check out this whacky ad for Germany’s Lotto24. There are better uses for a finger… like playing the lottery on your phone. Definitely not for fixing your speedo.



Sparkasse: The Not-Sure Song

Is it possible to make an enjoyable commercial for a bank? It is something we all need and use, and we all know the joy it is to make new financial decisions. Germany’s leading bank Sparkasse though appears to have cracked the code with an engaging music video ad. Don’t speak German, there is an English version of the ad too.



OBI: Mach es zu deinem Projekt!

Do you love the feel of working on a new home improvement project more than actually finishing it? The dirt under your nails and the sweat flowing from your head is pointless though if you never accomplish the task at hand. Apparently that is the message in this ad for OBI, the largest home improvement chain in Europe and the third largest in the world.



Mentos: The Man With A Coin

Is your fate decided by the flip of a coin? In this ad for Mentos, Felix lives his life by doing just that with every decision he has to make until one day he uses his coin of fate to purchase a roll of Mentos.



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