German police enter heartbreaking business

German Police Will Help Your Clueless Boyfriend Dump You

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

What do you do when you’re stuck planning the best route to a heartbreaking breakup? Some take the easy way out with the classic ghosting, others may even go with the “we’re better as friends” approach, but when none of the traditional options work, perhaps you should consult the new heartbreaking team: the German police.

A 34-year-old man in the German town of Ludwigshafen was clueless as to how to end his relationship, so taking the local police’s motto of being “your friend and helper” as an all-encompassing promise, he brought his torn heart into the police station to seek their help.

“we can not close the deal”

While you may think the police would laugh off the man’s sad request, a female officer fulfilled her duty and offered her own advice on how he should sever the relationship. Where the officer drew the line though was with the breakup itself, leaving the hardest part of the plan up to the man.

“We are willing to advise, but we can not close the deal,” a Ludwigshafen police representative said after the man left. “We help everyone, and we always have an open ear for citizens’ concerns.”

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Sources: DW

Photo: Christian Lendl

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