Qmilk creates fashion out of milk

Qmilk Creates Fashion Out of Milk, the ‘Fiber Made of White Gold’

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Milk is known as being good for the human body, but while everyone was focusing on the benefits cows can have for us on the inside, German microbiologist and fashion designer Anke Domaske was focused on using the white stuff for healthy and sustainable fashion.

Qmilk fibers, which are produced by taking dried milk protein powder, mixing it with water, natural ingredients and then pressed into threads thinner than a strand of human hair, produces a soft and silky smooth material that Domaske likens to silk.

Clothing made from waste milk is not only highly sustainable, but it also does the body good. Qmilk uses no chemicals, is hypoallergenic, breathes easy to regulate body temperature, is antibacterial and produces a material that is non-flammable.

“That makes it not only interesting for the textile sector, it’s also interesting in technical terms,” Domaske told DW in an episode of their Eco-to-Africa program. “For example, you can make a foam out of it, you can spray it, you can turn it into foil or nanomaterials. It has unbelievable potential that we are just starting to discover.”

Aside from making milk clothing, Qmilk is putting the milk protein to use in cosmetics and to create the world’s first 100% natural plastic.

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Sources: Qmilk, DW

Photo: Qmilk

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