BMW's self-driving car plans move ahead

BMW Unfazed by Uber Accident, Plans to Double Self-Driving Car Fleet

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Announcing plans to double your autonomous car program just days after one of Uber’s self-driving cars fatally struck a woman may seem like bad timing, but Germany’s BMW did just that, making it clear that their plans are moving ahead at full speed.

“Our estimation about autonomous driving technology remains unchanged even though this appears to be an extremely regrettable accident,” stated Klaus Fröhlich, BMW’s board member responsible for overseeing the companies research and development, including the push towards an autonomous future.

The carmaker is currently testing with a fleet of about 40 vehicles but told the press this week that by the end of the year that number should double to around 80 cars.

BMW believes it has a stronger safety system in place and plans to continue extensive testing in controlled environments with supercomputers throwing real-life traffic scenarios at the vehicles.

Out of its planned testing of 155 million driven miles, the company will only make about 12 million of those miles on public roadways.

BMW plans to launch their first autonomous vehicle in 2021.

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Sources: Reuters

Photo: BMW Group

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