German Music Video: AB Syndrom's "Keine Geister"

7 New German Music Videos: Christian Falk, AB Syndrom, CEDRIC, and more

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Finding the latest German music videos, let alone new German music in general, can be a royal pain in the ass. We know! But we have made it one of our missions to end that nonsense and as a result, we are bearing the pain for you so you can just enjoy the music.


Christian Falk — “Dein Geruch bleibt”

A story of lost love and the pain that the memories trapped inside our heads can hold long after the end of a relationship. The video is deep and definitely worth the view.

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AB Syndrom — “Keine Geister”

Is he dead or is he alive? One thing we know is he’s on the edge and seeing ghosts. You be the judge.

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CEDRIC — “Dead or Alive”

Shit, the theme for this week’s music video releases across Germany must have been “depressing videos” as once again we dive deep into sadness and pain in this one. And now this video is literally asking you: Dead or Alive?

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Me & Reas — “Boy In A Box”

This video in reverse may be a little half baked with the green screen lacking its replacement, but if you really can’t stand the bareness behind the mayhem, Me & Reas would be happy to have you finish it for them.

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Pimf — “Windy City”

Being a Chicago native, I couldn’t pass up featuring a song all about the “Windy City”. It isn’t the most beautiful depiction of Chicago, but it does capture the true look of the city on a grey winter day.

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Al Jawala — Zyklop Surfers

Welcome to the trippy portion of the music video set. Don’t let the dizzying effect of the overlaid kaleidoscope stop you from enjoying this catchy and tubular tune.

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Lingua Nada — Cyanide Soda

I have no words to say other than: pass the joint.

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