German Music Video: Ilgen-Nur's Matter of Time

6 New German Music Videos: Casper, Ilgen-Nur, Rea Garvey, and more

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Finding the latest German music videos, let alone new German music in general, can be a royal pain in the ass. We know! But we have made it one of our missions to end that nonsense and as a result, we are bearing the pain for you so you can just enjoy the music.

Years ago we used to highlight “new” German music videos every Friday — as long as we could find some — and now that we have stronger sources of the latest releases, we’ve decided to come back strong. Below you will find six brand spanking new music videos, including our definite favorite of the week: Casper’s Flackern, Flimmern. We even wrote an article about it! So sit back, open a bag of paprika potato chips and start clicking.


Casper — “Flackern, Flimmern”

An impressive six-minute journey into the frigid Canadian Yukon truly pays off in the end. While understanding German would help, it isn’t necessary to appreciate the emotional ride within.

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Ilgen-Nur — “Matter of Time”

Have you been curious to see what a German bowling alley looks like? Well Ilgen-Nur will show you that you’ll find your unstylish bowling alley that hasn’t seen an update to the decor since you were a child in Germany too. Oh yeah, and the song is pretty sweet as well.

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Rea Garvey — “Is It Love” (feat. Kool Savas)

I am totally in love with Is It Love, and this week it has been the song that has managed to stay in my head. Yet surprisingly I am not annoyed — check back next week. This video for the song is simple, but in a good way. At times it comes across more as a lyric video, but there’s definitely more to it than that. Love the end!

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Stereoact — “Wir Heben Ab” (feat. Ian Simmons)

While I am not disliking the song, the music for Wir Air Heben Ab, is a bit… basic? The video takes one verse of the song — talking about a desert — and makes it the setting for the whole piece as we take a slow motion walk to the top of a rocky hill. Then again I didn’t get the point of Lord of the Rings, so perhaps it is just me disliking long walking journeys.

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THE TiPS — “Wait and Buy”

Is your favorite part of Black Friday watching the crowds scratch, punch and devour each other to get their hands on a discounted toy or TV? If so, THE TiPS have a treat for you in their video for Wait and Buy.

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ITCHY — Black

ITCHY opted to go with the live concert approach on their video for Black, but there is absolutely zero lack in energy. I’d be exhausted after this one song if I was in the crowd.

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