Casper "Flackern, Flimmern" Music Video

Music Video: Casper Plunges Into the Arctic for ‘Flackern, Flimmern’

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

When German rapper Casper released his fourth studio album Lang Lebe Der Tod in September 2017, he made it clear that it would be filled with his most emotional and powerful set of songs to date. And now the song Casper claimed to be the “most personal song of his career”, Flackern, Flimmern, received the music video treatment on Thursday and it is clear that the artist put all that he had into making one epic video.

Shot in the -13 ℉ snow-covered expanses of the Canadian Yukon, the video starts off with Casper making his way out of the wreckage of a plane crash into a mind-bending reflection on life. And while the video starts off a little slow as it builds up to the emotional power behind the lyrics, sticking with it pays off big in the end.

You can listen to Flackern, Flimmern and the rest of the songs on Casper’s Lang Lebe Der Tod with an account on Spotify or Apple Music.

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