Die Fantastischen Vier "Tunnel' AR" Music Video app

Die Fantastischen Vier Release Groundbreaking AR Music Video

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Die Fantastischen Vier may not be able to consider themselves newcomers in the German hip-hop scene, but that doesn’t make them afraid of embracing the future of music in bold ways. Instead of releasing just another music video for their latest single Tunnel, the band opted to do what no one has done before: unleash the video into their fans’ hands as an interactive augmented reality (AR) app on their phones.

The free Tunnel AR app can be downloaded from the App Store on any AR-compatible iPhone (minimum iPhone 6s running iOS 11), and once opened the immersive music video can be placed on just about any surface (floor, table, stove, etc.) to activate.

Throughout the Tunnel AR music video experience, “players” control a drill bit made of Die Fantastischen Vier’s heads, shattering through four spectacular layers of earth and rock to create the ultimate scene of destruction before blasting off into space for even more. Because the app is using AR, it will appear as if the destruction is taking place in the very spot the user is standing.

While the app is made to be a music video at its core, there is a little gamification going on as fans can earn “mission patches” by collecting Easter Eggs. In the end, once a fan achieves “Captain Fantastic” status they will receive a remix of the song to download.

All of this may seem a little overboard for just a music video, but it opens the door for more bands to explore the growing trend in AR and virtual reality to promote their music. For Die Fantastischen Vier, it is all about promoting their anticipated tenth studio album Captain Fantastic, coming out on April 27th.

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