Michael Schulte selected to represent Germany in this year's Eurovision contest

Germany’s Eurovision Pick Packs Emotional Punch for Lisbon on May 12

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Germany has struggled to sit at the top of the Eurovision Song Contest charts, or anywhere close to it, since winning the competition in 2010 with Lena’s “Satellite”. With a new year comes a new chance though, and all hope will now rest on songwriter Michael Schulte when he represents Germany with his heartfelt ballad in Lisbon on May 12th.

Schulte received overwhelming praise for his song “You Let Me Walk Alone”, written in memory of his father who passed away when he was only 13.

There’s no doubt that Schulte’s song packs an emotional punch, but can bringing Eurovision viewers to the verge of tears be enough to get Germany out from the bottom?

Disappointed with its previous showings, Germany acknowledged that they needed to change course this year and decided to change up how the selection process was done.

A new songwriting camp was created to pair up the competition’s selected performers with 15 national and international lyricists, composers and producers to help develop this year’s songs. For the final selection rounds, a panel of international experts with experience performing in the competition was commissioned to weigh in with their own vote.

Of course, the German public had their usual say as well, and when it came down to cast the final vote, Michael Schulte couldn’t have fared any better. Out of a maximum of 36 points (12 from the public and 12 from a 100-member Eurovision panel), Schulte was awarded all 36.

Now the vote will lie with the rest of the competing Eurovision nations as they will have the final say when the spectacle gets underway on May 12th. Perhaps Schulte’s emotional “You Let Me Walk Alone” will be Germany’s ticket to the top.

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Sources: Eurovision

Photo: Stijn Smulders

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