6 New German Trailers: trustWHO, 3 Days in Quiberon, and more

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Most of these trailers are for movies and shows that, unless you find yourself in Germany, you won’t actually get to see. Well, at least not until services like Netflix or Amazon decide to show them stateside. That doesn’t mean these 6 trailers are not worth the time. Check out what Germany’s Hollywood is up to so you can start making up that “please come to the U.S.” wishlist and get your hopes up.


Verpiss Dich, Schneewittchen!

Sammy is a rockstar, or at least he likes think he is, but his nobody act is about to get a facelift when a music label gives him a once in a lifetime shot at fame. But there is a catch. His solo act must be formed into a band, so Sammy gathers up a group of fellow nobodies to create “Hamam Hardrock”. As the band starts to gain fame, label boss Thomaschewsky isn’t all that thrilled with it and will do whatever it takes to put an end to their days of stardom. Verpiss Dich, Schneewittchen! will hit German theaters on March 29.


Central Airport THF

Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport was once the world’s largest airport, but despite closing in 2008, the airport is still a place of daily arrivals and departures as it serves as one of the largest refugee shelters in Germany. This documentary offers an inside look at the living conditions of the refugees who call the place home and the many services provided to help them build a new life in their new home country. Central Airport THF was recently screened at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival. A theatrical release date has not been announced.




The World Health Organization (WHO) is supposed to look out for and protect the public health, but documentarian, and mother, Lilian Franck has her doubts about whether the organization is really looking out for us or the interest of its large donors in the tobacco, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries. Franck manages to capture interviews with key WHO decision makers as well as former employees and well-known whistleblowers. trustWHO will begin playing in German kinos on March 1.



3 Days in Quiberon

3 Days in Quiberon is a biopic of famed Austrian/German actress Romy Schneider in rehab and what would turn out to be her final interview as her last three days of ambition, romantic desire and the fight to live play out by what looks to be a stunning portrayal by Marie Bäumer. The film is slated for a April 12 release in Germany.




After Nazi troops storm into Paris, Georg escapes town with the luggage of an author who takes his own life, and assumes the mans identity while entering into Marseilles. His new identity works for him in the beginning, but as he meets the mysterious Marie and falls in love with her, he soon discovers a complicated connection… her lost husband is the man who’s identity he now possesses. Transit made its debut at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival and will begin showing in German theaters on April 5.



Rückenwind von vorn

Charlie, a young Berlin teacher, soon finds the struggle important life decisions weighing down on her all at once and is forced to reconsider what she truly wants in life. Does her boyfriend of five years truly make her happy and would the baby he so desperately wants be the solution to their relationship problems? Her best friends are setting out on global adventures of their own while Charlie finds herself trapped at home with the added pressure of her grandmother’s deteriorating health. Rückenwind von vorn starts playing in Germany on March 15.

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