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By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

I’ve never been a fan of asking for money. It can come off as desperate and needy, but there comes a time when your future depends on having enough to keep the lights on, so you have to ask.

So as I launch the German Pulse Patreon campaign, you may find yourself asking not only “what is this?” but also “why?” and wonder what changes are coming. The answer is actually more positive than you may first come to think.

I believe most of the pressing questions can be answered in this brief 2-minute video, so feel free to watch this first before continuing down this page:

What is Patreon?

The cliff note version: If you love what is being done at German Pulse, Patreon gives you a way to pledge a monthly amount (as little as $1) to help support our mission. In return, you get free rewards and access to exclusive content that won’t be made available anywhere else.


Is German Pulse Becoming a Membership Site?

The clear and simple answer is “NO”. I hate an article that throws up a paywall notice a quarter down the page, asking for money to finish reading it, just as much as you do. It is an annoyance that 20 or 30 years ago would’ve felt like the normal thing to do seeing as most Americans were already willingly paying for all of their news, but this is a different day we live in.

All of the content you are already familiar with receiving will stay as it is: free. All future content will follow down the same path: free.


Why Become a Patron Then?

Patreon is kind of like the bonus features of a movie, giving you an inside look at how things are done, but in a way that allows you to help shape the future. Patrons will be given a first look at the latest projects we are working on before any of it goes public, opportunities to provide input on what comes next, special deals on German products and services, and more as a way of saying thanks for their generous support.


Is This Really Necessary?

Patreon Stephen bitmojiI dive deeper into this topic over on the Patreon page, but the reality is keeping the network of German Pulse sites up, running, and kept fresh with new content on a regular basis costs money. And the truth that most larger media companies don’t want you to know is that money made from selling ad space isn’t ever enough to keep the lights on. Most of their money comes from a small group of investors with very deep pockets.

There is so much growth potential here at German Pulse, but making it all possible with the current cash flow just isn’t a reality. Figuring out the next step to take with that in mind left me with a few options, and with not wanting to sell out to please some corporate interest, I decided to turn to Patreon and let those who actually find value in what German Pulse is offering, be the true voices that shape the future.


Will You Be Judged for Not Becoming a Patreon?

You’ll be judged harshly! Just joking. Of course not! I understand not everyone is in the financial position to become a patron, and if you decide that it’s not for you, you are still a valued and appreciated member of the German Pulse community. There are many no-cost ways you can support the site, such as sharing us with your friends and follow on social media.



I hope this has offered you a clear insight into what this whole Patreon thing means, and hopefully sparked some interest in becoming a patron to support our future.

Whether or not you plan on becoming a patron, check out our official Patreon page to find out more about why the campaign has been started and where the money actually goes. While you’re there… check out some of the cool rewards our patrons get too!


Thank you for your support,
Stephen Fuchs


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