German Trailers - Königin von Niendorf

7 New German Trailers: Königin von Niendorf, Spielmacher, and more

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Most of these trailers are for movies and shows that, unless you find yourself in Germany, you won’t actually get to see. Well, at least not until services like Netflix or Amazon decide to show them stateside. That doesn’t mean these 7 trailers are not worth the time. Check out what Germany’s Hollywood is up to so you can start making up that “please come to the U.S.” wishlist and get your hopes up.



After blowing his chance at a pro football career when he got himself wrapped up in some pretty nasty criminal activity, Ivo sees an opportunity to live out his unfulfilled dream in Lukas, a teenage player who impresses Ivo with some mad skills. As things start to be looking up for Ivo, his past soon catches up with him when his criminal connections come knocking, and his relationship with Lukas is only setting up the child to follow in the wrong footsteps of his new mentor. Spielmacher will be released in German cinemas on April 12.


Königin von Niendorf (Queen of Niendorf)

Königin von Niendorf (Queen of Niendorf) looks like your classic coming of age story, and from the trailer it looks like it could stand up to some of the greatest. Its summer break and instead of looking forward to six weeks of freedom, Lea has little to get excited about as her only friend won’t be spending summer at home. Though she does notice a group of boys around town that she then desperately wants to join, but before Lea can make her way into this clique, she has to prove herself to break down their “boys only” policy. Königin von Niendorf (Queen of Niendorf) will begin showing in German theaters on February 15.




Nora suddenly decides one night that her current life is too much and leaves her husband and children with no notice to start a new life of freedom. Freiheit follows Nora’s journey and the traumatic impact it has made to her past life as her husband and kids search for answers to her disappearance. The film is now playing in Germany.



Dinky Sinky

Frida has been trying to get pregnant for years, and with her friends all having successful pregnancies of their own, she decides it’s time to give artificial insemination a try. Except now her boyfriend walked out on her and she’s suddenly left on her own to really discover what it is that can make her happy and whether or not a child really is the answer to her questions. Dinky Sinky is now playing in German cinemas.



Meine teuflisch gute Freundin

Lilith is the daughter of the devil and if she wants out of her current hell and the tight grip of her father, she has to prove her evilness. She makes a deal with her father that if she can turn a good person into one of evil in one week, she can stay in her new earthly home to continue her mischiefs. Of course the seemingly easy task is anything but. Meine teuflisch gute Freundin opens in Germany on June 28.



Die stille Revolution

This documentary explores how the traditional workplace needs a radical rethinking for these modern times as efficiency, profits and the amount of work an employee puts out can no longer be the basis of employee success. Instead, the documentary suggests management needs to take a more personal approach with its workforce, treating employees as humans and promoting their individual talents. In other words… the Millennial workforce has arrived. Die still Revolution will be released March 22 in German theaters.



Auf der Jagd – Wem gehört die Natur?

Germany is still filled with rich forest regions that provide homes to many species of wildlife. This documentary looks at the beautiful landscapes that surround Germans and unfortunately the increased threats humans pose to the habitats of the animals that live within. It poses the thought: Nature and the forests can survive without us — but we cannot survive without them. Auf der Jagd – Wem gehört die Natur? hits German theaters May 10.

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