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Social Media Helps Find Baby Daddy after a Wild Party

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

This story has a plot just waiting to be turned into a rom-com movie. After a 21-year-old student decided hooking up with an unknown cutie at a party in Erfurt, Germany was a smart decision for the night, she was not expecting to find out that the in the moment decision would lead to a pregnancy. While the young woman accepted it, she didn’t feel right about not being able to give the news to the baby’s daddy. So as any millennial might do in such a situation, she turned to social media to find the answer.

Using Jodel, a social network intended for student communities, the girl posted a photo of her pregnancy test with the caption: “Max or Maximilian from the Herzchen-Party, get in touch!”

She knew very little about Max, except for his name and a vague physical description, but it was enough to get the social network buzzing with excitement. Some users praised the girl for her braveness, openly dealing with the situation, but others decided to point fingers at her unwise choice with some questioning her lack of a condom. To that accusation though, the girl did respond that Max “had a condom, otherwise I wouldn’t have participated”, and that it must have broke.

After chasing down some leads, getting the news to Max wasn’t proving to be an easy task. Despite the Jodel post going viral, Max wasn’t on the service to see it. Though one morning the girls doorbell rang and the blond-haired man she had been looking for was standing on the other side. He only heard of the news through more traditional outlets who began picking up the viral story. And while the two didn’t exchange numbers after hooking up at the party due to his not wanting any commitments, Max assured the girl that he will be sticking around to be there for her and his soon to be born child.

Can we just say “awwwwwweeeee”

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Sources: Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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