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8 New German Trailers You Should Watch Now

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Most of these trailers are for movies and shows that, unless you find yourself in Germany, you won’t actually get to see. Well, at least not until services like Netflix or Amazon decide to show them stateside. That doesn’t mean these 8 trailers are not worth the time. Check out what Germany’s Hollywood is up to so you can start making up that “please come to the U.S.” wishlist and get your hopes up.



While it began screening at film festivals in 2016, Freddy/Eddy is making its official theatrical debut on Feb 1 in Germany. This movie looks like it could be a total rollercoaster ride as Freddy lands himself in crisis mode after facing accusations of beating his wife. With his life in a free fall, Freddy’s childhood imaginary friend Eddy decides to come back into his life to create even more chaos. Is Eddy a figment of his imagination or an alter ego that wants trouble?



Sankt Maik

This new TV series airing on German channel RTL actually looks quite good. Sankt Maik is a sitcom about a con man on the run who, after ditching his fake train conductor get-up for a priests clothes, is mistaken for the new priest in town. Maik goes along with the misconception, as any con man might do, but this time his con might just make him want to turn it into a reality. If you don’t mind the lack of subtitles, Sankt Maik can be viewed for free in the U.S. on RTL’s TVNow streaming page.



Die Nacht der Nächte

Who can really be together for a lifetime? That is what this new documentary about lasting love sets out to answer. Die Nacht der Nächte follows several couples from different parts of the world, and while their cultures and ideas of traditional marriage may differ, one thing they all have in common is their long-lasting love that has now carried through into their old age. It sounds like the perfect movie for a Valentines release, but Die Nacht der Nächte won’t be in German theaters until April 5.



Steig. Nicht. Aus!

This remake of the 2015 Spanish thriller Retribution, puts contractor Karl Brendt on a ride through hell as he receives a phone call that there is a bomb hidden in his car, and it will go off if he or his wife and kids try to get out. He must now follow the demands of the unknown caller to save himself and his family. But is there another way? Yes, it is a concept that has played out in numerous movies, but Steig. Nicht. Aus! still looks like a good thrill ride. It hits German theaters April 12.



Liliane Susewind

Liliane “Lilli” Susewind has a special gift: she can talk to animals and they can talk back. It is a secret that only her parents and grandparents had known about until a new boy in town, Jess, earns her trust to be let in on this hidden talent. Suddenly a newborn elephant goes missing at the local zoo, and now Lilli must use her special skill to head out on an adventure, with Jess, in search of the elephant thief. Liliane Susewind comes out in Germany on May 10.



Safari: Match Me If You Can

Safari: Match Me If You Can can pretty much be summed up as Tinder: The Movie. Loosely based on Arthur Schnitzler’s play Reigen, this movie follows seven different date/hookup stories of singles using the fictional Safari dating app in Germany. It looks like your traditional rom-com movie, so set your expectations there. Safari comes out in Germany on August 23.



Maybe, Baby!

Warning: The opening to this trailer is NSFW! Positioning itself as a ‘tragicomedy’, Maybe, Baby! follows mid-30’s Marie as she goes through a midlife/biological clock/relationship crisis. Where is her life going? What is the point to all of the sex and baby making? Would she be better off freed from all these commitments? The film hits German theaters April 26.



A Thought of Ecstasy

This provocative trailer for A Thought of Ecstasy is like a mini art film in itself. Not much of the storyline is revealed in the trailer, but A Thought of Ecstasy is really more focused on an idea rather than a story. An idea that centers on strong sexuality and seduction. It looks hot, but it’s probably best to not make this a viewing for a family outing. A Thought of Ecstasy is now playing in German cinemas.

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