German Ads You’ll Want to Watch (001)

Skip the Skip: 5 German Ads You’ll Want to Watch (#1)

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

We’ve searched the web to find the best commercials coming out of Germany. Why? Who doesn’t love taking a look into the marketing adventures of a foreign land. Here’s your chance to see 5 German ads that probably have real Germans waiting for the ‘Skip’ to appear.

OTTO: Father and Son

This has to be my favorite ad out of the five. A father and son waste no time showing their excitement for a new laptop delivered by online retailer OTTO by showcasing their magical musical skills to the delivery men as dad plays the laptop while son plays the house. Its fun, catchy and you’ll want to play this ad again.



Tierheim München: Adoptify

What’s not to like about a commercial starring adorable dogs? Except these dogs are homeless, so in a push to boost adoption rates, Tierheim München is humanizing these canines with music personality profiles. Want a dog that loves classical? Then Moshi is the dog for you. Yes this is technically three ads that count as one, but really, who’s actually counting?



Volkswagen: Kids Dreams

Volkswagen takes a very interesting turn with their latest ad for the Golf by showcasing how children dream about getting their hands behind the wheels of much cooler cars. The tagline? “Hardly any kid dreams of a Volkswagen”. The crazy thing is the ad actually works and manages to pack quite the emotional punch. How? Watch the ad to find out… no spoilers here.



Social Bee: The Refugee Résumé

Social Bee’s mission is to help connect refugees with jobs in their new home country, but some of their journeys led to a sizable gap in employment history on their resume. In this ad, Social Bee displays how they will individualize each resume to turn that gap into a powerful statement that sets the candidate apart from the crowd.



Nutella: Long Live the Diversity

It’s no secret that Nutella is a delicious treat, but in this ad, the creamy chocolate hazelnut spread itself gets no air time. Instead, Nutella chose to focus all of the attention on the jar itself and the ongoing campaign that has no single jar looking like the other.



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