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Freshtag Could Put Food Expiration Dates Out of Date

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

German startup Is It Fresh has been using CES in Las Vegas to show off its revolutionary Freshtag technology that could end the guesswork of when food goes bad, putting the printed expiration date out of date itself.

Is It Fresh’s Freshtag is a low-cost chip that is small enough to fit into almost any food or drink packaging and uses smart sensors to monitor the chemical compounds of the product, tracking its freshness. With a built-in NFC chip, consumers can scan the product with their phone to get an up-to-date readout on the quality, and also get a notification when its time to throw it in the trash.

The standard expiration dates we have grown accustomed to are far from perfect as it is purely an estimate based on a handful of factors that could go wrong between the time the product is packaged and then placed on your shelf or fridge. Most of these foods are still completely safe to consume past the printed date, yet an enormous amount is tossed because of the unknown. With Freshtag, Is It Fresh hopes to play a major role in cutting down that food waste.

Right now it appears that the Freshtag is still in the development stage and not quite ready for production, but when it is, hopefully the promised “low cost” will be low enough to support widespread adoption.

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