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By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Tired of the same old German festival music hits or the volksmusik that was once considered your parents’ or grandparents’ top 40? Don’t be fooled into thinking Germany doesn’t have a massive music scene with emerging talent. There is an abundance of musical talent in the land of umpapa and its sound is far from the old traditional German music tunes.

Finding the great music of Germany though isn’t an easy task. While the hard part used to be just finding a legal source to listen to the sounds of Germany, most of those hurdles have been eliminated and have now been replaced with the problem of too many choices. And that new problem is what we have set out to solve with the launch of our highly curated PulsePlay playlist, available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube* for those who haven’t gone all in on music streaming subscriptions.



Our PulsePlay playlist features two hours of new German songs, across a wide range of musical genres, that can easily give some of today’s top 40 leaders a run for their money. Find a song you like? Be sure to download or add it to your library as our PulsePlay playlist will receive constant updates to introduce you to as much music as possible and to keep the sounds of Germany fresh.

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