Strong for you. Strong for Germany. Campaign

Strong for you. Strong for Ger­many? Ad Campaign Promotes German Authority

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Citizens losing trust in their local law enforcement isn’t just an American issue or one of a corrupt nation. In Germany, police and other emergency service members face criticism and sometimes violence doing the jobs they are supposed to do — protect the public — so in an effort to raise awareness for the good these members provide, the government has created the ad campaign “Strong for you. Strong for Germany.” to regain the trust of the public.

In the campaign’s video ad, real members of the German police, fire and paramedic force tell their story of heroism and also the challenges that come from those who find the need to interfere. It seems like a very straight forward message, but the campaign is serving two very different demographics and it does it well.

Half of the ads message is clearly directed towards the distracters… those who get in the way through violence against the police and those who just want to be a part of the action. On the flip side though, the “Strong for you” message is very much directed towards the millions of refugees who now call Germany home. Many come from countries where there are valid reasons to distrust their own law enforcement, but in Germany the government wants them to know that these men and women are on their side and are there to protect.

“With its campaign for uniformed police and emergency services, the Federal Ministry of the Interior wants to make sure that those who risk their lives for us are treated with more respect,” the agency stated with the release of the campaign. “However, the information campaign is also intended to counter the increasing number of attacks on law enforcement and emergency personnel.”

Several versions of the video ad will make its way to the public online and through traditional tv channels, and dramatic posters will also begin cropping up in some of the county’s larger cities.

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