German love life exposed in new book

The German Love Life Exposed

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

German polling group YouGov is out with a new study on the love and sex lives of the average German, covering a range of topics from the basics to the intimate details most people would prefer to keep private, and while the results were vast enough that the group was able to release them as an entire book, we have a few of the juicy details to get you going.

As YouGov puts it in their book “Wir Deutschen und die Liebe” (“We Germans and Love”), in which more than 12,000 people participated by opening the doors into their love life, Germans are pretty colorful when it comes to their love lives, and finding that romance is an important part of life. In a world where the idea of true love seems to no longer exist, Germans are still holding onto the dream. Nearly two-thirds believe in the idea, but the real eye-opener is that it is men in Germany that tend to fall head over heels with love versus women.

75-percent are happy in their relationship

Divorce — an idea many have come to expect as the norm — isn’t so much an issue for Germans in love according to the survey. 75-percent polled said that they are happy in their relationship and most of those, three-quarters, say that they believe the one they are with is the true love of their life. Sounds like quite a few lovebirds.

Of course there are still those who aren’t quite satisfied with their one they picked and happen to find themselves in that oops moment of cheating on their partner. One-third (34-percent) admitted to having at least one affair during the life of their relationship and only 20-percent tend to work up the courage to admit their guilt to their original partner.

34-percent admitted to having at least one affair

So what about the role of sex in the relationship? Let’s start with when it all begins. The age that most Germans lose their virginity has fallen slightly over the years to the age of 17 for both men and women, and thanks to the increase of sexual education through school, media and the internet, “kids” are doing it with a higher level of safety.

Germans tend to stay away from the adventures in the bedroom though, keeping mostly to the woman on top, doggy style or the traditional missionary style positions. Though 20-percent have admitted to exploring the realms of anal play. Overall though, 71-percent say they are happy with their sex lives and 61-percent say they are fine with the average time of play lasting only 15-minutes.

In the course of a German’s life, most will find their lasting love before they have to use a second hand to count the number of sexual partners they’ve enjoyed, and in today’s society, that almost sounds like a fairytale ending.

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Sources: YouGov

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