Edeka supermarket shows diversity matters

Here’s How a German Supermarket Took A Strong Stance Against Racism

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Fighting against, and sometimes for, racism seems to be the hot topic of the year so far, so when a German supermarket wanted to jump on the bandwagon and make a statement of their own, they made quite the impact by showing very little.

Edeka is no stranger to making a commotion, and in one of their Hamburg locations they did just that by removing every non-German product from the shelves overnight. Customers walked into a store that looked more like it was raided ahead of a disaster with shelves were left bare in most aisles. For those who were left scratching their heads over the lack of stocked shelves, signs were displayed throughout the store to educate shoppers on the impact of racism and the fear of ethnic diversity.

“Edeka stands for diversity, and we produce a wide range of food in our assortment, which is produced in the different regions of Germany,” an Edeka spokesman said in light of the move. “But it is together with products from other countries that we create the unique diversity that our customers value.”

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Sources: Bored Panda

Photo: Holger Krupp

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