AfD mistakes Swiss mountain as German in political ad

Oops: Nationalist AfD Party Mistakes Switzerland for Germany in Campaign Poster

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Germany’s far-right AfD (Alternative for Deutschland) political party is known for making headlines, but it most cases it is due to the party being clear on a stance that is proven to be quite controversial. However, when the party put out their latest campaign poster urging voters to “Take Back our Country”, someone wasn’t doing their job in making sure the country they showed was in fact their own.

The beautiful mountainside depicted in the tweet, which has since been taken down, happened to be of a mountain range in Switzerland, not Germany. Looking back at past messages by the AfD shows that this isn’t the first time that the group used the Swiss mountain either.

Political gaffes like this aren’t too uncommon during elections, take President Trump’s use of German WWII soldier reenactors inside the US flag during his own campaign, but it probably isn’t the best played move so close to the September 24 election. Though if you’d like to jump onto the conspiracy bandwagon for a moment, perhaps it was no gaffe at all.

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Sources: CNN

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