Hate Tweets displayed outside Twitter's Hamburg Offices

Watch: Artist Brings Abusive Tweets Home to Twitter’s Hamburg Headquarter

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Germany has been trying to take a stand against some of the most popular social networks and their mishandling of abusive messages being so freely broadcasted, and despite efforts to crack down on the companies and even impose strict fines, some people, like German-Israeli artist Shahak Shapira, have found that little has changed. Instead of sitting in a quiet rage though, he decided to go out and make Twitter’s own employees face the tweets themselves, right outside their offices in Hamburg.

Shapira decided on spray painting 30 of the more than 300 tweets he himself reported to Twitter — reports that went nowhere — outside of the Hamburg office entrance, capturing the whole event in a video posted to YouTube shortly after the “art” installment hit the streets.

Much to Shapira’s unfortunate amusement, Twitter handled the cleanup much like they do with these hate speech incidents on their own site. “The scavengery was here, but cleaned only the part over there”, he says pointing to to sidewalk immediately in front of the office building’s entrance. “Everything else is still here. Which fits well with Twitter’s policy of cleaning in front of their own door and leaving the rest to be someone else’s problem.

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Sources: Shahak Shapira via The Verge

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