Lufthansa Surprise

Lufthansa Surprise Offers the Adventurous a Twist on Travel

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Planning a trip is usually a very structured process… decide where to go, book a flight, find a hotel, plan the sightseeing, etc. There are some though that see vacations as an opportunity for pure adventure, and for those travelers, Germany’s Lufthansa has a special deal: Lufthansa Surprise.

How does it work? For as little as 69 euros ($78), travelers can choose to blindly book a flight from either Munich or Frankfurt. Lufthansa allows for choosing a destination within nine categories, such as shopping, bromance and nature, but the reveal doesn’t come until after booking the flight. If you aren’t happy with the destination, don’t expect Lufthansa to have pity. The airline states on the booking page that “flights are fixed bookings at a last-minute price” and that bookings cannot be changed and no refunds can be given”.

These are also short trips to nearby destinations with only one or two night stays. But for someone who’s looking for a random weekend getaway, Lufthansa Surprise sounds like a good deal.

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