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Forester Claims Trees are Sexual & Emotional, 97% of Scientists Disagree

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Here’s a piece of wild news fresh out of Germany… after unleashing his latest book, “The Hidden Life of Trees”, at Britain’s Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts this past week, German forester Peter Wohlleben now has scientists crying foul over his belief that trees are emotional beings who feel pain and have sex.

“they like to stand close together and cuddle”

Wohlleben spoke at the event in Britain and quickly sold out of his new book not long after, but the sellout success apparently is not an indicator that his outlandish claims have supported from the larger scientific community. In fact it is quite the opposite. Since its release, German academics are striking back with more than 1,000 signatures on a petition to wipe out the emotional claims from the “scientific” records.

Those against Wohlleben’s claims, which state that “trees are very social being” and that “the ‘mother trees’ look after their offspring…they like to stand close together and cuddle,” say it’s purely pseudo-science. There is no tangible evidence, scientifically, at the core of Wohlleben’s discovery.

While scientists and academics see the findings as a hoax, some of them fear that environmentalists will buy into the idea. Wohlleben has already been pushing this idea outside of the tight-knit academic circle and to those nature activists with an appearance on Intelligent Trees, a Canadian documentary series, where he expressed his belief that trees communicate, protect, feel pain, make friendships and yes, also have sex with each other.

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Sources: DW

Photo: Simon Wijers

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