Camping nightmare ignored by Bonn Police

Bonn Police Investigate Rape Call Dismissed as a Joke

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

For a couple camping in the off skirts of Bonn, Germany, their getaway quickly turned into a nightmare as a man macheted his way into their tent demanding money, and later dragging the woman out to rape her as the boyfriend was left helpless inside. The nightmare continued as any attempt to get help from Bonn police was passed off as being a joke.

Making a call to police was his only hope

With the attacker’s weapon next to him as he raped his victim, the boyfriend didn’t know the best plan of attack and feared worsening the situation if he took physical action. Making a call to police was his only hope. After telling the operator his location and that his girlfriend was being raped by a man who has a large machete, the woman on the other end took it as a sexual prank call, even after she was reassured that the plea for help was anything but. Finally she asked for his name and then abruptly ended the conversation with a ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’.

Just as he was accused of being a prankster, any perceived action from the police woman was soon found to be the real joke in the situation. The boyfriend was left with no recourse as the attacker continued outside the tent.

rape suspect

Photo issued by police of suspected attacker

Once the attacker fled the scene, the couple quickly left as well, running to the street looking for help. Another call was made, but getting the police to come to them still proved to be a nonexistent option. The only advice? Call a different number.

The two did eventually get police assistance, and the possible attacker is in police custody, but the way Bonn police handled the cries for help has come under internal investigation. While it has been said that the initial call could not have prevented the rape in progress, the call center’s lack of help or coaching on what the boyfriend should do has been called irresponsible as new protocols are being worked on to better address calls of this nature in the future.

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Sources: Rheinische Post

Photo: Denys Nevozhai

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