Superfood Baby Tragedy

Superfood Diet Leads to Tragic Infant Death

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

New parents Sandrina and Peter in the Belgian town of Beveren were faced with a rude awakening when their thought to be healthy superfood-only diet for their newborn son Lucas was anything but healthy, pushing him closer and closer to death with every day. After seven months, Lucas died from dehydration and starvation, and now the parents are facing charges of 18 months in jail for their neglect.

The parents are arguing though that their deadly diet was not based on the latest health fad. Lucas was not tolerating the mother’s breast feeding attempts, and instead of consulting with a doctor, the couple self-diagnosed their baby as being lactose and gluten intolerant.

Owning a health food store, the father selected a seemingly healthy superfood regimen as substitutes to breastfeeding and baby formula. When the parents realized Lucas’ health was taking a drastic turn for the worse, they finally decided to rush him to a doctor. By the time they got him in to a hospital, it was too late for their son who had passed during the journey.

Now it is up to the courts to decide the fate of both parents with a final verdict expected on June 14.

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Sources: Welt

Photo: Brandon Day

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