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Do Germans Hate Online Ads the Most? Ad Blocking Study Says ‘Yes’

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Advertisements are a reality no matter where we go. We can’t really avoid them. Most of the time we have conditioned ourselves to tune them out, but in the last few years the use of dedicated ad blocking tools has risen to new heights, leaving advertisers scrambling to find new ways to pitch to the masses.

Even Google, a company that feeds on its advertising business to pay the bills for their wilder and less profitable services, announced this week that it plans on adding their own ad blocking tools in their popular Chrome web browser. So that raises the question of how many people are really tired of the ads looking to sell to us everywhere we browse?

A new report published by Statista has shown some insight into the war on online ads and the users who block them. While the usage of ad blocking tools are relatively low, internet users in Germany appear to be the most anti ad browsers in the world.

Statistic Chart - Ad Blocking Around the World

29-percent of German internet users enable some form of ad blocking across their various connected devices. Compare that to the United States which only sees 18-percent of its internet users blocking online ads. Indian and Canadian users more closely align with Germans as their usage is 28- and 25-percent respectively.

Google playing into this small, yet growing demand may seem counterproductive, but once implemented it won’t be a complete block like the many tools already available. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Google’s ad blocker will most like filter through the various ads to only display ones that it feels provide a worthy experience for its users. In other words: ads that bring money back to Google.

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Sources: Statista

Photo: Rawpixel

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