Porsche Shares Record Profits By Giving Every German Employee €9,111

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

2016 wasn’t the greatest year for German car brands, thanks to the still ongoing diesel emissions scandal plaguing Volkswagen, but while the VW brand may be tarnished, Porsche managed to hold strong to its reputation as it finished 2016 with a new sales record. And now, instead of funneling the extra money up to top executives, the car maker is choosing to reward every worker in their German facilities with a bonus check of €9,111 ($9802).

Such a high bonus isn’t unprecedented, seeing as last year workers received €8,911 ($9588), but Porsche is doing something that most large corporations would cringe at. When Porsche say every employee will get the bonus, they mean everyone. Top executives, engineers, assembly workers, janitors and cafeteria workers all receive the same bonus.

The decision was hard for VW Group, Porsche’s parent company, to swallow, but with its sales numbers leading the group, the bonus was approved for it’s roughly 21,000 German workers.

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Sources: The Drive

Photo: Porsche

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