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How Merkel’s White House Visit Earned Ivanka Trump an Invite to Germany

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Some might call German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to the Trump White House a bit of a train wreck, but there was more to the visit than what was captured in the eyes of the media. Hidden behind the debate of what may or may not have been a failed attempt at a handshake was a meeting with German and American business leaders, hosted by the President’s favorite child Ivanka Trump, and its success has earned her an invite to next month’s W20 summit in Berlin.

Ivanka’s interest in German business operations, and the W20 summit, center around vocational training and apprenticeships — an issue she pursued leading up to President Trump taking office. Earning a seat at the women-focused W20 in late-April is also an opportunity for the First Daughter to further pursue her push of creating more economic opportunities for women.

While Ivanka may not have an official role outside of her inherited First Daughter status, she has managed to earn herself an office in the West Wing and is offering a balance to her father’s more aggressive policies. Winning the favor of Merkel while in Washington is just one example of this as the Trump family shows more signs of running the executive branch of government just like the business empire that landed them in the White House.

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Sources: AP

Photo: ABC/ Ida Mae Astute

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