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Netflix’s German Ad Campaign For ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Disturbed Too Many

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Netflix has been pushing their new original series Santa Clarita Diet with carefully crafted ad campaigns which border that fine line of disturbing, and while their attempts may be seen by some as genius, enough people in Germany felt it went too far, leading the streaming giant to remove the images of their curry finger-wurst.

Santa Clarita Diet centers around a mom, played by Drew Barrymore, who has an undying thirst for human flesh. The premise itself is an odd mix of disturbing and intriguing, and Netflix has captured both in many of their advertisements. A burger that replaces the patty for a heart is matched with the tagline: “Eat Your Heart Out”. Another replaces a french fry order with severed fingers, calling it “Finger Food”. So when it came to Germany, Netflix targeted the on-the-go food staple of currywurst, but as you can probably guess, that sausage was no ordinary wurst. Much like the french fry ad, Germans were greeted with a giant billboard of a sliced up curry finger.

In my own personal opinion, this was an A+ job on Netflix’s part, but I may be among the few that can accept such a twisted promotion for an already twisted show. What seals it for me, and what undoubtedly was the final nail in the coffin for the campaign, was the placement of actual currywust stands by Netflix, offering up a more traditional, and human free, take on the beloved sausage. Although the stands were marketed as “Finger Food”, so who really knows.

Check out the other gruesome and awesome poster ads in Germany below:

Santa Clarita Diet German Poster Curry Santa Clarita Diet German Poster Curry Close Santa Clarita Diet German Poster Burger Santa Clarita Diet German Poster Fries
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Sources: Variety

Photos: Netflix

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