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VIDEO: German Grocer Edeka is Back with Another Very Bizarre Ad

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Germany’s Edeka is definitely not a household name to most Americans, at least not its role as a grocery chain. When it comes to viral videos though, Edeka has managed to break into the social scene with their ads that have tugged at our hearts and made us scratch our heads. In their latest ad, Edeka has shifted their focus back to the food, but the odd approach shows that they haven’t quite lost their edgy touch.

In its latest ad, Edeka imagines a world where everyone is severely obese from eating a sludge of grey goop. Even the animals are way past a healthy figure. But when a boy spots a bird in the sky, he is overcome with the desire to fly freely. Putting all technological reasons aside, his attempts are met with defeat because of his obesity. While out on another failed attempt, the boy sees a bird eating a berry that until that moment was a never before seen source of food. What happens next is a food transformation that leads to his dream coming true.

Is it Edeka’s best work? I think I can confidently say no to that one, but it is still a winner in the food ad space.

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