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Plenty of Fish Rates German Language the Sexiest of them All

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

What is the sexiest language? French? Italian? Spanish? According to a new in-house survey by online dating site Plenty of Fish (PoF), none of those top the list. German on the other hand, the language often characterized as harsh and angry, made the cut and it found itself coming out on top.

More than 50 million messages were analyzed during a one-week period in January to see what impact various language skills had in producing a match. It may not be the most scientific real-world test, however it does provide some fun insight for anyone trying to figure out which language to pick up in order to find that perfect match.

PoF Data Scientist Michael McDermott investigated the correlation between language and dates, concluding that “like having an accent, having a second language can be seen as sexy, worldly. It is also an indicator of higher education.” I think we can all agree on the accent sex-factor. McDermott’s findings also backed up the belief that “the ability to have a conversation in a second language is certainly desirable”.

So which languages, including the German victory, made the top 10? The breakdown between men and women continue below:


  1. German
  2. Swedish
  3. Dutch
  4. Norwegian
  5. Italian
  6. Portuguese
  7. French
  8. Japanese
  9. Arabic
  10. Russian


  1. Dutch
  2. Arabic
  3. Swedish
  4. Norwegian
  5. Hebrew
  6. Spanish
  7. Russian
  8. Portuguese
  9. French
  10. Italian
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Sources: Plenty of Fish

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