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Trump’s First Weeks in Office Saw Record Drop in German Trust

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

US President Donald Trump has had a busy first few weeks in office, making deals and executing campaign trail promises through executive orders. His actions have done little to improve his favorability at home, and those numbers abroad show an even deeper lack in trust over foreign interactions. And while that may not come as a surprise considering the handful of countries on his target list, Trump’s disapproval reaches even deeper as some of America’s greatest ally nations are expressing distrust, including the German public’s approval reaching a record low.

public trust in Germany sees 37 point drop

In a survey published by Die Welt, the overall German public trust in the US saw a 37 point drop since November, going from 59-percent to the record low of 22-percent. Russia, in comparison, only slightly trails the US with a 21-percent favorability.

Germany’s massive public distrust has many backing a tighter European alliance as 80-percent are now hoping that the European Union will work together more closely to protect Union nations from far-reaching US policy decisions. Two-thirds of survey respondents already fear that the German economy is bound to suffer from the stiff import taxes Trump has been promising.

Trump Wall Protest Berlin

Why should anyone care about a nation’s public opinion towards someone they have no say in electing? It’s a question that is being asked quite a bit recently, but in a society where globalization is rampant, global voices are becoming more important than ever before.

German politicians rely on their voters to help guide policy decisions and the public themselves can send a powerful message with their hard-earned cash. A nation that also appears to be in a disarray becomes a less than favorable tourist destination.

Of course a lot of this lack of faith comes from poor reporting and media bias that has led to serious misquotes and fake news coming from even the most mainstream of media outlets. Tie that in with some of the undeniably extreme change of course between the career politician decision to those of Trump, gaining back the trust from Germany and others around the world will be an uphill battle.

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Sources: Die Welt

Photos: DoD photo by D. Myles Cullen [Flickr], Avaaz [Flickr]

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