Police Dog Pushed Woman Onto Train Tracks

Video: Police Dog Knocks Woman Off Station Platform onto Tracks

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

The police are generally supposed to protect people from harm, but for a woman waiting for her train in Nürnberg, it was quite the opposite as an officer’s police dog rammed into the lady, pushing her right off the platform and onto the tracks. And there is video evidence of the almost tragic incident.

Seconds before the incident, the police dog was harassing another seemingly innocent mother and child with little effort by the officer to calm it. As a woman approached the platform from the other direction, that is when the dog attacked and sent the woman flying off onto the track.

In a statement made to BILD, Police spokesman Thomas Gigl expressed his regret that the incident took place, but defended the action by saying the dog “was trained to protect his master as soon as someone came too close to him”.

While that may be the case, the officer failed to address the unnecessary targeting of the woman and child prior to the attack. With the training that the dogs must go through, a simple command should have been available to calm the dog against the nonexistent threat.

As for the woman? She was fortunate to get off the tracks and back onto the platform, with a little help, before any train came speeding towards her. According to BILD, the woman suffered a broken leg.

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Sources: BILD

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