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US Tanks Enter Germany in Preparation for Russian Conflict

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Over the weekend, 3,500 American troops marched into the German city of Bremerhaven with an onslaught of military weaponry and gear, including tanks, under the anticipation of a Russian evasion across Eastern Europe.

It is a concerning move, and the largest US military presence since the end of the Cold War in 1991, seeing as little evidence has cropped up that would warrant a large-scale military operation.

“we are committed to peace and security”

Under the name Operation Atlantic Resolve, the American forces have been sent in to reassure its European allies that any oncoming Russian invasion would not go ignored by the United States.

“We intend to reassure all those here in Europe that we are committed to peace and security,”  Lt. General Timothy Ray, deputy commander of the U.S.’s European command, said upon the troops arrivals in Germany, and went on to explain that it is also “to send a signal to anybody else who would differ with that, that that’s not gonna work.”

In the coming weeks, the US will spread its military forces into the rest of Eastern Europe, including Poland, in an effort to provide the sense of security to those closest to Russia.

How long these troops plan on staying is unclear, especially as Donald Trump is days away from being sworn in as this country’s next president. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have shown each other signs of respect and friendship, so this new military presence may be short lived. Nonetheless, a time when Europe no longer fears potential actions brought on by neighboring Russia seems more far off then ever before.

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Sources: CBS News

Photo: U.S. Army by Spc. Eric Cabral/Released

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