German Green Party Want’s Free Prostitutes for Disabled and Elderly

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Members of Germany’s Green Party are looking to move forward with a new plan that would provide sexual relief to many of the country’s disabled, sick and elderly with a prostitute subsidy under the idea that it will improve their lives and allow some to move on to a much healthier life.

if someone has a credible medical condition that would benefit from sex

It is a far-fetched idea, but a 2010 investigation saw a similar program running under the table in England, causing a debate over the use of taxpayer money, and in the Netherlands, such assistance is deductible as a medical expense.

One spokeswoman for Germany’s Green Party told Welt am Sonntag that consideration is plausible and that the idea would be to have the government subsidize prostitution spending if someone has a credible medical condition that would benefit from sex.

The idea has been met with mixed reviews from disability advocated in the country, and while some agree that sexual encounters can indeed be therapeutic and lead to improved life, not all prostitution services offer proper care for customers who have certain physical limitations.

“disabled people use sex workers to help them move on”

Dr Tuppy Owens from the UK’s Sexual Health and Disability Alliance, believes in the health benefits and has offered similar aid to those being targeted in the government effort, but is not confident that governments really understand the needs of disabled and elderly citizens when it comes to sex.

“Mostly, disabled people would like to be treated the same as anyone else,” Owens expressed in an interview with VICE. “Often, disabled people use sex workers to help them move on, so they can find a partner. The sex worker can help them gain sexual confidence and understand how to please a partner. When they know how to be a good lover, they can find someone to date. Because most disabled people don’t want to have to pay for sex for the rest of their lives.”

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Sources: VICE

Photo: David Amsler [Flickr]

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