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Trump Foreign Policy Meetings Leave German Politicians Scratching Their Heads

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Members of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team held meetings with the German government to discuss the upcoming foreign policy plans, but much like during his campaign, the talks ended with confusion instead of clarity.

Russia is assumed to be a key focal point in any foreign policy roadmaps set out by the president, but Trump has publicly denounced the popular opinion that harsher sanctions need to take place. And while Germany has tried to play both sides with Russian President Vladimir Putin, chancellor Angela Merkel has put her support behind increased European Union sanctions on Russia.

Between Russia, the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and threats of IS-led terrorism, Germany and the United States have been key allies in working to resolve many of the tensions. With no clear understanding of the US goals though, German officials are having to guess what the next move might be.

During a press conference, Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer spoke on the foreign policy meeting with skepticism, stating: “It ultimately remains the case that there still is no clear, coherent and comprehensive picture of what kind of foreign and security policy the new Trump administration wants to pursue in the world.”

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Sources: Reuters

Photo: DonkeyHotey [Flickr]

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