Langeoog Eggs on Beach

Easter Came Early For Kids on German Island As Eggs Wash Ashore

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Easter may still be 100 days away, but for some lucky kids on the German island of Langeoog, Storm Axel brought along a treat in the form of thousands of plastic eggs, each filled with toys, after several shipping containers filled with them were tossed off a ship nearby.

The tiny plastic eggs are similar to what you would find in the famous Kinder Eggs, so when the small island off the northern coast of Germany woke up to see the colorful eggs in the tens of thousands scattered along their shoreline beaches, the only valid solution to a quick clean up was to let the kids loose.

Langeoog mayor Uwe Garrels quickly sprang into action and gave the local kindergarteners the go ahead to gather as many of the toy eggs as they possibly could get their tiny hands on.

It may sound like an ingenious solution to the problem, and it indeed was, but Garrels did tell local media that it is only the first step to cleaning up the shoreline. Joining the eggs were some lesser fun packaging materials, including plastic bags, which the town of around 1,000 is currently preparing to start cleaning up now that the eggs are out of the way.

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Sources: DW

Photo: via Facebook

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