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In Five Years BMW Hopes This Car Interior Will Be A Reality

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Cars and technology go hand in hand today, so when the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off in Las Vegas this week, all of the major auto makers were geared up to show their latest visions of the future, including Germany’s BMW who showed off what they believe will be the next generation car interior built with the driverless vehicle in mind.

The BMW i Inside Future model has its minimalist interior referred to as a “glimpse into the mid-future”, and it is something the company believes will be in the market by 2020.

Inside the car, passengers will be treated to seats you’ll actually enjoy sitting in, individual entertainment spaces that will allow each person to enjoy their favorite movie or music without distracting other passengers, and of course a holographic control system that BMW calls the HoloActive Touch. It of course a given that the car will be fully autonomous, seeing as driverless cars will be the norm by 2020 right?

If you’ve ever been to an auto show in the last ten years, this “vision” isn’t groundbreaking. Showing off some futuristic design that completely rethinks the way we use the car has been common practice for car manufacturers, so what makes BMW’s vision closer to reality? Perhaps it is time. Eventually the technology will reach the point when these ideas will actually be feasible. Will that be five years from now? BMW apparently thinks so, but when I was a kid we were told that all cars would be flying in ten years, so for now I’m not holding my breath.

Check out some of the photos below to see what BMW hopes to pull off.

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Sources: BMW via The Verge

Photos: BMW

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